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This site is intended for US Healthcare Professionals only.

Educational Videos

Immuno-Oncology 101

This series of videos is an introduction to I-O. It discusses the immune system, how it responds to cancer, and how I-O works to restore the immune system's ability to fight cancer.

  • The Immune System

    2:52 mins

    The immune system is the body's specialized defense network. Find out how it detects and eliminates threats.

  • How Does the Immune System Respond to Cancer?

    2:03 mins

    Discover how the immune system can detect and destroy cancer cells.

  • How Does Immuno-Oncology Work?

    2:44 mins

    Learn more about I-O and how it seeks to restore the body’s natural ability to fight cancer.

  • Immune System Pathways

    2:58 mins

    Explore how activating and inhibitory pathways work together to regulate the immune response.