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SLAMF7 May Activate Innate and Adaptive Immunity

SLAMF7 mobilizes innate immunity through NK cells

Signaling Lymphocytic Activation Molecule Family member 7 (SLAMF7) is an activating receptor. It is expressed on the surface of virtually all Natural Killer (NK) cells and subsets of other immune cells.1 SLAMF7 is not expressed on solid tissues or hematopoietic stem cells.2 Engagement of SLAMF7 activates NK cells, the rapid responders of the immune system and the body’s first line of defense against cancer.3,4 NK cells directly kill target cells, yet spare normal cells.5

NK cell-initiated immune responses are sustained by T cells

Continuous activation of NK cells through pathways like SLAMF7 may initiate the development of long-term immunity.6,7

Ongoing research aims to understand how NK cell activation through SLAMF7 impacts long-term immunity.

Research to further understand these pathways is ongoing.


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